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The power of Digital Signage in your hotel


Hoteliers on the whole world wonder how to make their objects more familiar. Building relationship and communication with guest is a key tactic to meet this goal, as guests must first get know about the services and facilities offered before they can enjoy them. One of the canal of communication in the smart hotel is Digital Signage technology that allows sending relevant messages to audience via digital equipment (LCDs, plasma screens etc.).
It makes perfect sense for hotels!

Why is that? Some facts & figures

Digital Signage can inform, entertain and perform services for guests. In the same time it raises the prestige of the hotel, makes the work of your personnel and hotel management easier and helps to ...

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Concierge – from the Middle Ages to the present day


The history of the concierge profession dates back to the Middle Ages. The word "concierge" comes from the French "comte des cierges" which describes the person responsible for keeping candles lit in the rooms of castles and palaces. This person not only held the keys to the property but also had knowledge of all the events taking place on the premises.

The role of the concierge changed several times over the years. The evolution of the profession is best presented by Jean Girault in the 1973 film "Le Concierge". The main character, a very talented French university graduate, is looking for a job worthy of his talents. After several months of fruitless searching, he becomes a caretaker in one of ...

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Smell of coffee will wake you up in your hotel room


What is the best wake-up call in the morning in your hotel room? It is no longer a voice of receptionist from earphone, isn’t it?

New technologies are changing our habits and affect our lifestyle including the way of starting each new day. Guests at Aloft Hotel will be able to program the time in the morning they’d like their in-room coffee to start brewing. Being woken up by smell of coffee. Doesn’t it sound nice?

That is not all! Smell of the coffee can be mixed with nice music. The hotel’s guests will be able to program own playlist so the sound can be heard in all space of the room. 

Similarly, they will ...

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